Incentive travels presentation

Italy is the most popular destination for meetings, company events, business trips, international conferences and motivational tours.

With a choice ranging from gala dinners, shopping, traditional evening entertainments, outdoor and team-building activities, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and invaluable masterpieces, Italy offers plenty of possibilities to motivate, inspire and build an incentive group.

Incentive travels serve different and specific purposes.
A company can offer a motivational tour to its employees, a provider, a partner or even to a supplier.

While it is undoubted that its primary purpose is to increase business, there are also others aims: for instance to reward and thank for collaboration, improve productivity, analize selling strategies and get better employee engagement toward the company developing strong links among a workgroup.

With many years of experience in organizing incentives for groupes, PanTour can help you in preparing and developing the event: study of feasibility, services and activities considering the period, the region and the given budget.

Other than the classical destinations such as: Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, there are many other interesting proposals to consider according to the company's needs.

Share with us your next project to Italy! We will build together the best and most suitable incentive trip.